Erinwood Coins       



There are two basic Erinwood Coins – the Tournament Coin and the Chivalry Coin.  Both of the coins have the Erinwood symbol on one side (which is a combination of. Mistress Éireannach Katleen Nic Ghiolla Chainnigh’s and Master Adalberon Blackwood’s devices who are the hosts of Erinwood).  Over the Erinwood symbol it says “ERIN * WOOD”






Everyone that attends the Erinwood Tournament is given a pewter Erinwood Tournament Coin which is for them to keep to commemorate the event.  The Tournament Coin has two armored combatants with crossed halberds and across the top it says “TOURN * AMENT” and at the bottom there is a helm with one or more feathers in it.  A feather is added each year (the picture below is from Erinwood III and has three feathers).





There were several sources of inspiration for the Tournament Coin.






In addition to the Tournament Coin everyone is given two Chivalry Coins which they are expected to give to someone else during the two day event.  It is up to the individual presenting the Chivalry Coin to determine what they deem worthy of recognition and how to present the coin.  Typically the Chivalry Coins are given out at the evening Feasts with a bit of pontificating.  The Chivalry Coin has the Knights Templar symbol of two knights sharing a single horse.  Around the outside the Chivalry Coin has an abbreviated version of Master Adalberon’s Moto – FORTI ET FIDELI NIHIL DIFFICILE (which translates – To the brave and faithful nothing is difficult).




There were several sources of inspiration for the Chivalry Coin.






All of the dies, which are used to stamp the Erinwood Coins, were made by Master Iain Gearr-Sheallach O Maoilbhreanainn and were stamped by the West Kingdoms Moneyers Guild.  Information about the West Kingdom Moneyers Guild can be found at the following link:



In addition to the pewter coins several special coins are also given out at each tournament.  A solid gold Tournament Coin is given to the overall victor and solid silver Tournament Coin is given to the Captain of the other team.  A solid silver Chivalry Coin is given to the combatant on each team that scored the most Chivalry points (Note – Rules Violations subtract from a combatants Chivalry points total).  Silver Chivalry Coins are also given out at the discretion of the hosts for deeds they deem worthy of recognition above the simple Chivalry Coin.