Erinwood Tournament

Privy Enclosure



There are certain necessities required when ever a group a people are gathered together and short of having bathrooms built with flush toilets . . . privies are a necessity.   Put simply because privies are needed doesn’t mean that they have to be an eye sore or take away from the atmosphere of the event.  To this end we have built an enclosure for our privies.  The enclosure not only gives the privies a more period look but also helps protect them and shade them.  There are 8 - 4x4 pressure treated posts each anchored into a cement slab 4’ apart from one another.  In between each post is a 4’ wide sheet of plywood. We added decorative trim piece to give the enclosure a Tudor look to it.  We also extended the vents through the roof with PVC pipe but covered the pipe with rock to make it appear more like a chimney.









In addition to housing two privies, the enclosure also has two sinks with hot and cold water.  The sinks are great for not only washing ones hands but also server as a washing station for dishes.  The doors on the sink area are removable so that the area can be left open during events (but closed and locked when not in use).