Erinwood Tournament

Shower House



Showers are not a necessity but it sure feels great to be able to take a hot shower after a long day of fighting.  Put simply because one wants to be clean doesn’t mean that the showers have to be an eye sore or take away from the atmosphere of the event.  To this end we have built a shower house that has two showers and has a period look.  There are 6 - 4x4 pressure treated posts each anchored into a cement slab 4’ apart from one another.  In between each post is a 4’ wide sheet of plywood. Two additional posts were added in the front to make the doorways.  We added decorative trim piece to give the enclosure a Tudor look to it. 


Initially we simply ran a black hose back and forth across the roof of the shower house to warm the water; however, this was only good for one or two showers.  We have since installed a second water heater at the house on the property and have run hot water out to the shower house so now the showers have both hot and cold water.  The showers themselves are outdoor showers that one would normally just hook a hose up to and are commercially available (ours came from CostCo though I have seen them advertised in a couple of mail order catalogs).